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Our Product Range

  • Diameter
    10", 12", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 20", 22" & 28"
  • Height
    From 6" to 52"
  • Capacity
    7 Liters to 525 Liters Volume Capacity. This means from 2 Kgs to 650 Kgs weight

Fibre Drums

10”dia x 9”ht
Specialized Drum for Wire Industry
Specialized Drum for Wire Industry-02
12”dia x 16”ht
14”dia x 17”ht
15”dia x 24”ht
Grey Coloured
16”dia x 30”ht
17”dia x 25”ht
Blue Coloured
22”dia x 30”ht
22”dia x 35”ht
“UN” Code for 210.50Kg.
(Heaviest drop test ever taken in our country)
28”dia x 35”ht
the Biggest ever known fiber
drum in the in the world
10”dia x 9”ht
18”dia x 31”ht
White Coloured