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Salient Features

  1. Ring & Locking Handle made out of Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron (G.I.) for higher corrosion resistance
  2. Rounded off corners to avoid any injury to the user while filling / handling / emptying the drum
  3. Locking Ring has overlap at which helps to keep away floating dust particles and cross contaminating product entering into the drum
  4. Outside specially developed water repellent colour coating which “UV” resistance & help to promote company & product image
  5. High strength kraft board for higher stack ability to address transit abuse
  6. Fiber drums used for export of Bulk Drugs / Crop protection chemicals & many of them are having 'UN' code for packing hazardous Sea or Air
  7. Plastic top lid with raised collars to make the drum stackable when used with a combination of MPB Dish type bottom lid
  8. Full open top (FOT) opening for easy filling and removal of product
  9. Inside special lining i.e. Polylamination / water repellent acrylic laquare coating for maximum product protection and release properties
  10. Round, Convolutedly wound drum i.e. with 100% overlapping of paper, made out of 300 GSM A Grade Kraft Paper board having high strength with extra wall thickness for higher strength
  1. Anti-static Mettalic Strip to discharge static electricity which gets generated while filling / handling / emptying of the drum which may result in an explosion in explosive vapour atmosphere
  1. Hot pressed MPB (Multilayered paper Board) dish type bottom lid made out of varieties of high strength paper with raised bottom to avoied contact of water / chemical spillage from floor. This raised bottom makes the drum stackable when a combination of plastic / metal top lid having raised collar. This MPB lids are 100% termite / insects / white ant free and the process of manufacture calls for 100 MT pressure at 100 degree C+ temperature which does not allow any cavity / air gaps to remain within itself

Special Remark: The Drum show in this picture is having size 381.00 mm internal diameter x 610.00 mm internal height.